Our Mission

Our mission is to understand our customer’s dreams, infuse our passion for, and experience with, water features, to design, build, and maintain, their personal piece of paradise.

Who We Are and
What We Do

We are a family business that was created to share our passion for water features and the benefits of water with other families like yours. We take special care to understand how a custom water feature will compliment your lifestyle and exceed your expectations.

The perfect water feature, regardless of size, should blend seamlessly into the landscape and the lives of the people that surround them. It should be equally enjoyable during daylight and evening hours, creating a gravitational effect that draws family and friends together.

Your Dream

Our system starts with your dream. We are not interested in selling you our dream, or in giving you the latest widget. Your dream is unique as is your space and budget. This is the foundation of everything we do.


After we have a clear understanding of your dream, we create a design that incorporates the natural features of the space. We consider vantage points from both inside and outside your home. Intended uses for the space, traffic patterns, and long term goals are all taken into consideration. We incorporate functional features to maximize your enjoyment and make the feature simple to maintain. You are the boss! Only after your expectations are met do we move onto the next step.


Creating a water feature is an art form. No two are alike. We utilize our experience and creativity to bring your dream to life. Additionally, a key component to the enjoyment of any water feature is the reliability of the components behind the scenes. Four Corners Waterscapes proudly installs only Aquascape brand products. Aquascape literally created the industry, and is the world’s leading manufacturer of premium, professional grade water feature products.


Once in place, our relationship does not end. It is our goal to provide you with a comprehensive offering of products and services to ensure enjoyment from your water feature for life. Whether it’s simply food for fish, water treatments, or comprehensive service plans, we are your partner and single source for everything you need to maximize your satisfaction and long term enjoyment.


Learn about the value of water from the experts!


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