Fountainscaping Vignettes

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While we enjoy the challenge of complex waterfalls and eco-system ponds, we recognize that not every lifestyle, space, or budget can support those types of water features. This doesn’t mean that everyone can’t enjoy the luxury, and realize the benefits, of the sight and sound of water in their own yard.

We utilize decorative fountains, stones, and bubblers as center pieces, to turn even the smallest areas near patios, decks, and front entrances into a virtual oasis. These custom vignettes, that are unique to the individuals and their space, offer every bit of the enjoyment, beauty, and WOW factor of larger water features.

Fountainscaping is also an excellent way to add a focal point to an existing water feature. Their versatility and beauty allow creativity to flourish without limitation.Enjoyment is the key to every water feature we create.

To maximize your enjoyment, we cater each design to meet your desire to interact with it. From the type that loves to tinker, to the type that just wants to kick back with worry free relaxation, we can incorporate different levels of automation to help maintain your feature so that it works for you. Let us show you how.

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